Adp Payroll Review

adp payroll reviews

We tried using T&A and Benefits a few years ago and found them to be cumbersome and extremely time consuming. You’ll get help with employee onboarding, which is nice (you’ll have less training to do when your newest hire gets to work), and an HR tip of the week. You can export payroll data from ADP into QuickBooks, Xero, Wave or a CSV file to upload into your other business software. retained earnings ADP is one of the largest payroll services providers and has been around for more than 70 years. The best part of my job was having a manager who let you use as much PTO as you’d like, no matter when and always accepted it. Got the job- 7 months down the line I have trouble selling. My mentor becomes very hostile to me- I reported a complaint to HR and they did absolutely zero.

After posting my review, ADP publicly responded stating they would contact me thru the site to help – and then never did. Completely inept organization at anything but basic payroll. Please provide your name and contact information, and your company name and location. I’m sorry to hear you’ve had a negative experience with ADP. We do know complicated passwords can be frustrating and are considering other options. I’d like to contact our service leaders and have them look into the holiday issue. Please provide your name and contact information, ADP co. code and Service Center or branch, and your company name and location.

  • Payroll taxes are calculated, filed, deposited, and reconciled by ADP.
  • That said, the customer service quality and features may be worth the extra cost since they can help reduce your stress levels.
  • In the midst of everything going on today, you have made the customer experience the worse.
  • TheEssential planallows employee self-service and lets you pay employees via direct deposit, prepaid debit cards or paper checks delivered to your office.
  • Small businesses looking for a more affordable payroll solution might want to check out Gusto instead.

ADP uses the batch system in which you never can anticipate the outcome. It is impossible to understand how the system works unless you become a power user who does payroll 100% of the time. The implementation was set up erroneously causing uncorrectable errors. My advice to anyone under 500 is to steer clear of ADP. Paychex, although not my first choice, was far more simplistic and error free.

There are a number of software programs that Run Payroll ADP already has integrated in it, including Xero, Wave, and QuickBooks. It works with Deputy, MakeShift, ClockShark, Dolce, TSheets, and Homebase as well for attendance and time management. To plan resources, the software programs Infor, FinancialForce, Workday, and Oracle are all integrated. The Run Payroll ADFP platform is compatible with other programs as well, and you can get a full list from ADP. The customer reviews for ADP are very positive, and in our research, we found very few negative reviews.

Other Useful Business Software

The instant preview feature was great in a time crunch. Their client services are getting better, but so bad at calling you back. Also don’t understand the people on the other end of the phone a lot of the time. I wish they were more professional, and knew what they were talking about.

For a small business owner, however, that complexity leads to feature overkill and confusion. ADP continues to dominate the payroll industry with massive market share. In fact, ADP is one of the world’s largest providers of outsourced business solutions. Payroll service ADP dominates SurePayroll, PayChex and other payroll providers. We take a look at whether the payroll emperor has any clothes.

Adp Run Scalability

ADP is constantly changing and updating features in there system to make it more user friendly. Some features are better than others but overall I have no real significant issues with the system itself. Getting someone to help you based adp run payroll on what your need is still a hassle that I hope one day will get better. ADP has been great, the support staff is great and they have made my job easier for review and planning. Auditing time has dramatically decreased for us as well.

adp payroll reviews

If we ran payroll weekly instead of every other week, the price would double. ADP has been around for over 70 years and has a strong brand reputation as a payroll industry leader. It is our best pick for complex businesses, such as multistate firms and companies in regulated industries, that want an all-in-one payroll service. This review is for business owners who are thinking about using ADP for their payroll service. ADP has a long list of compatible software integrations available for users. For accounting software, the program integrates with QuickBooks, Wave, and Xero.

Tax Support

ADP has a variety of payroll delivery methods, from physical checks to direct deposit. ADP offers 24/7 phone and email support, along with helpful community forums. He has written extensively about ecommerce, marketing and sales, and payroll and HR solutions, but is particularly knowledgeable about merchant services.

adp payroll reviews

We went through all proper notification steps 60 days, in writing and filled out their termination form. We are continuing to get fees taken from bank account. Trying to get Tax deposits that have not yet been remitted to an agency refunded but their Tax Compliance group says they don’t see a termination on our file. The Payroll side of ADP says all termination paperwork was put into their system properly.

ADP is probably one of the worst payroll services in my experience. The company is uncommunicative, poorly managed and the staff appears to be lazy in efforts to remedy mistakes or errors within their system. I am a payroll recipient and would never recommend this service to anyone. FUGA, is a review comparison resource on business services for any and all potential consumers to make a more informed decisions. We provide user reviews, articles, and comparisons through comprehensive research on hundreds of business solutions. Companies looking to scale will benefit from partnering with ADP.


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Is Adp Payroll Right For Your Business?

There are a dozen or more, including Slack, Clover, and ZipRecruiter, among others. The website doesn’t list all the integrations, and one of ADP’s strengths is its willingness to work with you on integrations. Call ADP for a full list of integrations or to ask about a specific program. Adding an HR platform is an extra cost at the basic level of RUN. accounting Since ADP charges per payroll, a company with 50 employees or less that runs a weekly or biweekly payroll can find more cost-effective options, such as Gusto. As a cloud-based payroll solution, ADP is compatible with any device as long as you have an internet connection. ADP also offers a mobile app so that you can even run your payroll on the go.

Its employee benefits packages include benefits administration, retirement, group health insurance, business insurance and workers’ compensation. The company can integrate its solutions with top software systems and other apps. RB is incorrect for someone that supposedly works for ADP. Efiling is a separate thing you have to fill out a form for, fax in, get approved, and pay for. That’s what another ADP rep told me and that’s what RUN says in the online help! Also, they are NOT cheaper–in fact, for 7 employees, they are nearly $40 more than SurePayroll and $30 more than Paychex and Intuit.

ADP is a big player in the payroll software and workplace management field. It has always been on the cutting-edge of technology, even back when they first needed to upgrade to punch-card machines, then computers, and now cloud-based mobile apps. Because of that, ADP might be a payroll expert, but it might not be the most cost-effective option for small businesses with less than 50 employees.


ADP is really a professional employer organization , meaning it offers a lot more than just payroll services. If you do decide to use ADP for payroll, depending on the plan you select, you will also unlock some of those other features. I was with ADP for 1 year and Paychex for 6 months, I can honestly say they have the worst service ever. I recently changed our Payroll service provider to a small company name R.P.S. of Tampa, Inc and I wish I would have done this earlier. They have outstanding service and you always talk to a live person. If anybody is looking for outstanding and quality service please check out this company. Most business owns become complacent and think that ADP and Paychex is the only payroll companies in the world you’re wrong.

It automatically configures deductions such as benefits, retirement contributions, and garnishments. ADP’s payroll service called Run provides payroll processing services that work with ADPs other products such as time tracking, HR services, talent management, and benefit offerings. Another ADP Payroll customer, Todd Hinson, the founder of Tod.d, highlighted that he really likes the new ADP TotalSource service that the company offers. Beyond payroll, Workforce Now can provide solutions for HR, time tracking, talent management, and benefits management. Additional add-ons with the Workforce Now plan include PTO management, insurance services, and Microsoft Outlook integration. Finally, all of the aforementioned functionality can also be accessed via the ADP mobile app, including payroll processing, time tracking, and HR tools.

Instead of spending time making documents for new hires and current employees, the HR benefits provide customizable forms. This mobile app is chat-based and can be a good option for simpler situations. Businesses can run payroll and schedule next-day payments without any initial training. Customers will pay an annual base fee and a per-payroll processing fee. While there may be cheaper online-only payroll providers, such as Gusto, they may not provide as many features.

Adp Plans For Larger Businesses

Your feedback helps us to improve service for everyone. QuickBooks Payroll, although RUN also integrates with Quickbooks Online and other accounting software. A full suite of electronic reports covering payroll, tax and HR.

If you decide to go with ADP, you can be confident that you’ll get a high-quality, robust payroll that will thoroughly accommodate your business’ needs. If you’re interested in any of the ADP payroll plans but are not fully ready to take the plunge, consider requesting a demo.

For managers, the system highlights timecard exceptions so they know instantly which cards need their attention before approval. ADP’s time and attendance system also manages all paid time off by tracking accruals and allowing employees to request vacation and sick days. Another aspect that makes ADP such a popular choice among businesses of all sizes is the additional services it offers. All these services operate on the same platform, which makes running them all an easier task. Regardless of your service plan, you’ll have access to multiple payroll and HR reports. You can view and customize the reports in any way you need.

And in the process you’re causing mayhem, anxiety and heartburn for literally thousands of customers a year. I truly hope you and ADP are exposed for the fraudsters that you are.

Author: Loren Fogelman

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